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Request for Proposal

The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District (MVSD) intends to contract for Engineering (professional)Services associated with developing an “Asset Management Program for the MVSD”.Qualified Engineering firms interested in being considered for a contract to provide the required services should reply with a proposal no later than Noon on Thursday February 8, 2018.  Proposals received after this deadline will be rejected from consideration and returned.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) and necessary information dealing with this project can be found at our website under “Bid Notices”.  You may also send a fax (330-652-9869) to request the RFP.  Questions regarding the RFP and other pertinent information may be directed to  Please note the RFP and this legal notice constitutes a complete package and requirement.

Response to the proposal should contain relevant information regarding your Firm’s qualifications, experience; more specifically the individuals assigned to the project, availability, and their project specific qualifications and experience. Only experience on similar projects for the engineering service being requested shall be submitted. Total number of hours allocated for each qualified individuals, their hourly rates; overhead and profit costs should also be included in addition to a budgetary not-to-exceed cost to complete the project.  The final project cost may be negotiated with the successful firm. 

Proposals that are incomplete or fail to follow the instruction for the information requested within this notice and the RFP will not be considered. 

The proposed schedule is to have the substantial work completed by September 15,2018.

Proposals should be transmitted to: The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District, ATTN: Chief Engineer, 1181 Ohltown-McDonald Road, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 44440 or by mail to P.O. Box 4119, Youngstown, Ohio  44515.

Responding firms shall be selected in accordance with ORC 6115.20 and applicable sections of ORC 153.65-71 and others as appropriate. The best proposal that serves the project needs of the District will be referred to the MVSD Board of Directors for approval. The Board may wish to conduct an onsite interview for the shortlisted firms.  No payment will be made for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a response to this request.

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